"We are able to create any ideas in any size from simple sign lettering jobs to complex photorealistic portraits."






Vertigo Murals represents contemporary visual culture and urban arts as well as the traditional craft of sign and mural painting. Our company specializes on grand scale, hand-painted advertisements, offering a special service to costumers seeking for something unique. We are a formation of young and creative artists who have dedicated their life for the passion of painting for almost twenty years. Our experience in traditional mural painting has been mastered during the ten years spent at Neopaint Works Co., which is a reference for our professionalism. Vertigo Murals is committed to creating superior-quality commercial murals as well as decorative paintings.





We offer large scale mural painting in-and outdoor, as well as hand-painted advertisements. We are able to create any ideas in any size from simple sign lettering jobs to complex photorealistic portraits. We also manage every logistic detail, including scaffolding and permissions. Our Budapest-based company undertakes projects throughout Hungary and abroad. We can execute any creative design either brought or made by our artists. Vertigo Murals maintain a portfolio of locations throughout Budapest for both permanent and temporary outdoor advertising campaigns. We also provide photo- and video materials about the process of the painting, which can be used in the campaign as well. Our highly-trained painters are passionate about their work and committed to punctuality and excellence. We believe in flexibility and effectiveness, so that our costumers get high-quality product.


Reklámfestés tűzfalfestés dekorációs festés




Our murals are more than just large-scale outdoor paintings: the creation of the work is an event, itself, which makes people in the streets stop, watch and ask questions. The interaction between the painters and observers helps spread the campaign before it is even launched. A successful project does not only get attention in the streets but also on social media, as viewers share photos of the painting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The process of the production, the finished mural and the campaign message together create in interactive campaign which is more effective than any other creative idea.