Whether you have exact ideas or you need help in planning the creative, contact us via e-mail. Send us a photo and measurements of the surface to be painted and attach a picture of the creative.Our graphic designers create a digital plan according to your ideas, which is followed by a detailed project schedule. After visiting the site, we can give you a quotation. 


Surfaces may require primmering or preparation. To get the best result our artists work with the highest-grade, UV-resistant paints of Trilak, all matched and hand-mixed by our skilled painters. Scaffolding depends on the size and surroundings of the site. Artists at Vertigo Murals are capable of reproducing any ideas in any size.



Each project has different parameters therefore it is difficult to calculate a fixed square meter price. Prices are quoted by the size and condition of the wall and the creative to be painted. 


Reklámfestés_Tűzfalfestés_Muralfestés_Dekorációs festés_Díszítő festés_Címfestés_Reklámfestés_Logófestés Feliratfestés_Betűfestés_Dekor festés_Falfestmény_Tűzfalfestmény_Művészi falfestmény_Falfestmények_Falfestészet_Graffiti_Streetart_Portál festés_homlokzati reklámfestés,Dekoráció festés, emblémafestés, figurális festés, figurafestés, diszítő festés, dekorációs falfestés, cimfestés, feliratfestés, fotórealisztikus képek kivitelezése,vertigo