Visual developing of our built environment is not only appealing for the habitants of a city, as outdoor paintings have great touristic potential as well.

Hand-painted murals serve as a visual medium between the city and people in the streets: they can stand as a memorial of particular people and events

connected to the past of the city and they amuse people by being simply attractive in the walls of schools, nursery schools, playgrounds and blocks.


Mural for UNHCR,Council for Refugees,Budapest,2014

Memento wall for the anniversary of 1956 revolution,Budapest,2016

Mural,commemorating Miksa Róth,glass staining and mosaic artist (1865-1944),Budapest,2015

Mural created as part of the "Firewall-rehab project",Budapest 2016

vodafon tuzfalfestés falfestmény

Outdoor decoration in Vodafone Office Building,Budapest,2016

Mural for La Palace Theatre,Montataire,France,2012


MÁTRAHÁZ TRAINING FACILITY  A-B Building  3233 Mátraháza, Kékes-alja út 3.-2015

Falfestmény dekorációs festés